Ken Sprague Fund Competition 2008

1.The competition is open to cartoonists from all nations.
2. A first prize of £500, a second prize of £300 and a third prize of £200 will be awarded for the best cartoons, this year on the theme of climate change and other threats to the environment, under the title Earthworks 2008.
3. The jury, made up of leading cartoonists and well-known personalities, will be looking for clarity of message, cartooning skill and satirical humour (Jury members to be announced towards the end of 2007).
4.To qualify, cartoons can be submitted in electronic format (good resolution) or, preferably, as original works. Cartoons short listed for a prize and subsequent exhibition will be notified by the organisers, and their authors will receive honorary diplomas.
5. Cartoons with text and/or captions not in English should (if possible) be accompanied by a translation. It would also be useful to have some idea of the situation being addressed by the cartoon if it refers to a specific social or political event/situation which may not be universally understood.
6. Each entry must be signed by the artist and accompanied by an address and contact details.
7. Entries to reach the organisers by June 1st 2008.
8. The results of the competition will be announced on July 1st 2008.
9. An exhibition of the best of the submissions will be organised in London and the prize-winning cartoons will be published in the Morning Star newspaper and other journals.
10. Unless the submitting cartoonist stipulates otherwise, following the judging, the cartoons will become the copyright of the Ken Sprague Fund and the Fund will have the right to offer submitted cartoons for sale/exhibition and publication. Any proceeds from these, less a small commission and transfer fees, will be paid to the originating artist.
11. The organisers undertake to give due credit to the artists and ensure they receive any royalties/payments that may accrue as a result of the competition.
12. The first ten cartoons will be displayed on our website for a period of 12 months and later will become part of the page’s competition archive, accessible to visitors.
13. Artists submitting cartoons will automatically agree to abide by the above rules.
14. Address to send submissions (originals or in electronic form):
Ken Sprague Fund Cartoon Competition 2008,
11 Dorset Road, Ealing, London W5 4HU, United Kingdom
or per email: comp2008@kenspraguefund.org
WEB: http://www.kenspraguefund.org/competition.html

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