Greekartoon "Luciano Pavarotti" Exhibit

2nd International Greekartoon "Luciano Pavarotti" Web Exhibition
Dear Artist,
GREEKARTOON in further honouring "the master" Luciano Pavarotti, would like to announce an international web exhibition.
Permanent Web Exhibition: Open to all artists worldwide, cartoonists, caricaturists, painters, illustrators, etc, etc.
Theme: “Luciano Pavarotti”
Deadline: No deadline (Permanent Exhibition)
Entries: No limit
Technical Info: Any style, any technique, any size, any format, max 300 dpi will be accepted.
All works will be publisched and displayed on Greekartoon's website at http://www.greekartoon.gr/ and http://www.greekartoon.com/
Participators must send their works along with their biography and photo. All artists can participate through E-mail by submitting their works to: support@greekartoon.gr with subject "Luciano Pavarotti"
Please, feel free to send your works about Luciano Pavarotti to the attention of GREEKARTOON's IT Manager Mr. Nickola' van Karavanis at support@greekartoon.gr
If you need additional information and material about Luciano Pavarotti ( fotos etc.) contact us by e-mail at support@greekartoon.gr
Thank You.

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