3rd "Dietetic Science" Competition

Aiming at inspiring cartoonists’ creative ability and advocating dietetic science, China cartoon information website (okcomic.net) associating with the “dietetic science” magazine organizes the third Cartoon Competition about “Dietetic Science”. We collect cartoon works all over the world. Please pay attention to the latest news of okcomic.net. (Hacked?!)
1. Theme: dietetic science: Health, delicious food, cooking, environment protection, epidemic prevention and so on.
2. Organizer:China cartoon information website (Okcomic.net), “Dietetic Science” magazine
Undertaker: Beijing ZhongYatu Culture Developing Cooperation
3. Date:April 1st 2007----November 31st 2007
4. Rules
[1]. All the people who are interested in cartoon could take part in this competition, with no restriction of age, district and gender.
[2]. Original works that have never been published on any kind of media before (including the internet). Plagiarist will be disqualified.No restriction on form and style. Both single piece and multi grid are ok (better no more than 4 grids). Both black and white works and colored ones are welcomed.
[3]. Size: Letter submissions: A4 (21x29.7cm) is better. Each of the works must carry an identification label, clearly filled in, including name, address, phone number, e-mail and a brief curriculum.
Digital submissions: resolution ratio: no less than 200dpi; the longest side: 1000pels; the quality of compression: 10 is the best. The title of the mail should be: To the Cartoon Competition about “Dietetic Science”. In the letter, clearly write: name, address, phone number, e-mail and a brief curriculum.
[4]. Address: Cartoon Competition about “Dietetic Science”
WeiBohao 6-3-1101,Weigongcun Street #1,Haidian District, Beijing, China Postcode: 100081
E-mail: yinshikexuetougao@163.com
Phone: 86 10 88571219
Fax: 86 10 88571219 – 608
5. Judging process:
[1] All the submitting works will be exhibit on the competition pages of Okcomic.net.
[2] Every month, the period better works will be published on “Dietetic Science” magazine.
[3] Final judgment will be made by professional jury.
Members of the jury:
Heads: Han Suolin (chief editor of the “Dietetic Science” magazine), Zhang Fushan (general manager of Beijing ZhongYatu Culture Developing Cooperation(the owner of Okcomic.net))
Members: Xia Dachuan (well-known Chinese cartoonist from Beijing), Chen Zhihua (well-known Chinese cartoonist from Taiwan), Cui Zimo (deputy chief editor of the Chinese Culture Pictorial), Sima Lieren (well-known Chinese writer)
6. Prize: First prize: one, 1000 RMB with certificate
Second prize: two, 500 RMB each with certificate.
Third prize: three, 100 RMB each with certificate.
Excellent works: twenty. certificate.
7. Copyright Statements: All the submitting works will not be returned to their authors. The organization has the right to publish all the submitting work both on internet and on paper. The proprietary right of the collected works belongs to the organization, while the authors have the right to sign their names. The selecting committee has the right to interpret all the items above.
Addition: We'd like to communicate with cartoonists all over the world, providing the opportunity to publish your works in Chinese media, discovering and propagandizing the rising stars in the cartoon field and making friends with cartoon fans. We wish all of those who care about China cartoon industry worldwide could join us for the great days of cartoon field.
WEB: http://www.zhongman.com/ad/yinshi4/shuominge.htm

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