District Heating Cartoon Contest 2016, Hungary

Not many people think about the advantage of district heating, however, this well-established technology has obvious social benefits.
What is district heating like?
First, it is comfortable: consumers have nothing to do but enjoy the warmth of their home; the supply, preparation and conversion of the fuel as well as the maintenance of the system is done by the service supplier.
Besides, district heating is environment-friendly: heating plants operating with high efficiency consume relatively less fuel (so they can be operated with lower costs) than individual heating systems, so, the quantity of harmful substances after firing is also less.
Another advantage is that smoke is not produced in residential areas but farther away, so district heating is less harmful on cities air quality.
In addition, renewable energy sources (such as geothermal energy or biomass) can be applied. Since by the utilization of these the emission of greenhouse gases decrease, district heating contributes to climate protection.
It is interesting, right? Do you have your opinion about the issue? If you have, you have nothing to do but make a drawing about it. A caricature, of course. A creative caricature artist has an opinion about everything.
Veolia Energia Magyarország Zrt. announces an international caricature contest in the following topic:
The warmth of homes – and what is behind it
The social benefit of district heating
1. The Contest is open to any natural persons who are 18 years of age or older and have legal capacity.
2. This is a single-run contest. Each contestant may submit max. 5 entries in A4 size without text and without any technical restrictions. (File properties: CYMK, jpg, high resolution – the Gmail account is able to handle messages up to 10 MB in size.)
3. Entry form attached to the present announcement has to be sent – together with the entries – to grafikuskelemen@gmail.com, signed and scanned.
4. Caricatures can be sent to the following e-mail address: grafikuskelemen@gmail.com
5. Deadline: March 15, 2016.
6. Awards:
I. place: 300 EUR + diploma
II. place: 200 EUR + diploma
III. place: 100 EUR + diploma
7. A catalogue will be prepared with the entered works which will be sent for the Contestants included in it for free.
8. By entering this contest Contestant agrees to accept all decisions of the jury related to the contest, which decision shall be binding in every respect. All legal measures excluded.
9. Contestants submitting valid applications grant to Dalkia Szolgáltató Központ Kft. to use the entries particularly (but not exclusively) in the following ways and fields:
- digital and paper-based catalogues,
- on the websites www.veolia.hu and tavho.veolia.hu,
- free-of-charge publications (not for sale) distributed among business partners,
- exhibitions,
- for decoration.
For continuous information about the contest, write to grafikuskelemen@gmail.com.
Detailed Regulation + Entry form here.

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