VII. Baja Cartoon Competition 2014 with theme: The Glasses

VII. Baja Cartoon Competition
(sunglasses, reading glasses, monocle, etc.)

Competition details:
1.) Participants can submit up to 5 cartoons in A/4 or A/3 size, using any technique. Prints of cartoons produced or coloured with software can also be submitted on condition that it has the cartoonist’s original signature and the print’s serial number.
2.) The participants should write their name, address, phone number and e-mail address on the back of the cartoons.
3.) Deadline for entries: 31. 08. 2014.
4.) Postal address for entries (please note the order!):
István Kelemen
Bajza József 19.
5.) For information or enquiries about the competition contact e-mail: grafikuskelemen@gmail.com
6.) Awards:
I. prize: 100.000 HUF
II. prize: 60.000 HUF
III. prize: 50.000 HUF
+ three diploma.
7.) The opening ceremony and prize distribution will be at 19.09.2014, Baja.
8.) The organizer will use the entries in the following locations:
- Digital or paper catalogue
- The material exhibition of invitation, poster, leaflets, etc..
- Report on media television, newspapers, magazines, etc..
9.) For the list and works of participants and for any other information visit: www.grafikuskelemen.hu
10.) We do not send back the cartoons.

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