Catalog of the 19th International Cartoon Exhibition, Zagreb 2014, Croatia

Yesterday received the compact catalog of the 19th International Cartoon Exhibition Zagreb 2014, Croatia. 19x19 cm in size, it consists of 96 pages, half color and half b&w. My thanks to the organizers, the Croatian Cartoonist Association.
Musa Gumus is the only cartoonist selected out of 15 participants from Turkey and that is better than nothing I think.
In his introductory essay Ivan Haramija Hans reminds us that Daedalus who wanted to glide in the sky had a disobedient son Icarus who did not know the proverb they have in Croatia: "Who flies high, falls low" and finishes his word after telling the strange similarities between different people of different professions in different times: "The history and the experience has made us cautious: every useful work can harm us if we overdo it a little."
Anachronism as a useful tool to create humorous contradictions, with its types of parachronism and prochronism, is one of the best ways to make a cartoon on inventions and we see many examples of that here in this catalog like Roko's (p.33) and George Licurici's (p.36) works. Is there any work in the catalog that does not make use of anachronism? Let us check and see in the digital one here. Bon voyage!

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