Results III International competition "Ukrainian choice. Ukraine – the European Union" 2014

The results of the III International competition of cartoons and caricatures
"Ukrainian choice. Ukraine – the European Union".
The FIRST PRIZE and big "Rudoi Panko" bronze figurine was received by
Victor Holub from Zdolbunov, Ukraine (Top).
The second place and small "Rudoi Panko" bronze figurine was received by
Sergei Tunin from Moscow, Russia.
The third place and "Rudy Panko" wooden figurine was received by
Valery Tarasenko from Pskov, Russia.
Diplomas of competition gained:
1 . Luís Paul, Australia
2 . Ivaylo Tsvetkov, Bulgaria
3 . Wlamir Rodriguez, Brazil.
4 . Jin Xiao Xing, China.
5 . Zbignev Pishchako, Poland.
 6.Tadeusz Krotos, Poland
1 . Andrey Levchenko, Poltava.
2 . Dmitry Skazhenik, Mariupol.
3 . Filip Marushchak, Kiev.
4 . Oleg Loktev, Zaporozhye.
1 . Victor Bogorad, St.Petersburg.
2 . Nikolay Rachkov, Moscow.
3 . Igor Smirnov, Moscow.
1 . Oleg Gutsol, Minsk.
Total catalog of a caricature and cartoons "Ukrainian choice. Ukraine -European Union"
is prepared for printing. It will be sent to authors till July 1, 2014.
In the catalog of a cartoons/caricatures of authors which passed in
the first round of competition are selected.
It is possible to order additional copies with an advance payment.
Advance payment conditions: http://art-krug.com/Content/show/page/reklama
Selected Artists.

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