Turkish cartoonist wins the 31st Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Contest 2014, Turkey

A Turkish cartoonist has come out on top at the 31st Aydın Doğan Cartoon Contest, which kicked off in Bodrum on June 17 with a day-long session where judges got together to select the winner.
Kürşat Zaman, who was awarded with the third prize in the competition in 2010, won the first prize this year. His winning work depicts a scene where a military helicopter delivers the coffins of those who died in a war as families await their deceased loved ones around a baggage carousel (Top).
The second prize of the contest went to Iranian artist Mojtaba Heidarpanah and third prize went to Krzysztof Grzondziel, who was last year’s winner.
Cartoons by Doğan Arslan, Akın Candemir, Menekşe Çam and Burak Ergin from Turkey, Rafael Correa and Rodrigo Machado da Rosa from Brazil, Pawel Kuczynski from Poland, Peter Nieuwendijk from Netherland, Alireza Pakdel, Sajad Rafeei, and Farzaneh Vazifitabar from Iran, Zhang Wei from China all won Merit Awards at this year’s contest.
A total of 814 cartoonists from 70 countries joined the competition with 2,556 pieces this year.
The international committee, which gathered at Bodrum’s Işıl Club, evaluated 300 cartoons by 214 artists from 43 countries, which had already been chosen by the pre-selection committee.
The selection committee was headed by Liza Donnelly, who is an award-winning cartoonist and writer for the New Yorker Magazine and Forbes. The jury also consists of famous figures Ercan Akyol, Latif Demirci, Selçuk Demirel, Piyale Madra and Tan Oral from Turkey, and Dokhshid Ghodratipour from Iran, Moacir Knorr Gutterres from Brazil, Catherine Meurisse from France, Lichuan Xia from China and Anita O’Brien from London, who is the director of the Cartoon Museum in London.
More on source: hurriyetdailynews.
All winning cartoons here.

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