Theme in the International PAPKINADA 2009: The devil does not sleep

International Humor Contest PAPKINADA 2009 - Poland
1. International Humor Contest PAPKINADA 2009 is an open competition.
2. The object of the competition are drawings, prints and other works of art and photo made in any technique, which are the originals (may be also the work done in computer technology in the form of high-quality print signed by hand) on the topic: "The devil does not sleep"
3. The work of award-winning in other competitions will be excluded from the contest
4. The format works - maximum A3 (297 x 420)
5. Work must be submitted or sent in the package to prevent damage by the deadline of 1 June 2009 (date arrival of the consignment to the organizer) to:
Kołobrzeskie Stowarzyszenie Inteligencji Twórczejul.
Kiemliczów 16, 78-100 Kołobrzeg POLAND

with a note: "PAPKINADA 2009"
6. Organizers do not assume responsibility for losses arising in transport.
7. Please do not transfer the work electronically.
8. Participation in the competition is free. The author agrees to the public disclosure of the data in accordance with current provisions on the protection of personal data.
1. The jury will award prizes following rules: GRAND PRIX of 3000 €. The extra prize.
2. In the final distribution of awards, the jury have the right to regulate, change their amount or not to grant or not grant GRAND PRIX. Jury decisions are final. The results of the competition will be announced until 20 June 2009, at: http://www.papkinada.prv.pl/
The award is subject to tax in accordance with current requirements. The condition of payment of prize money is their authors arrive at the opening of the exhibition or for the designated by the Author his bank account or address. Condition for granting awards of property authors is their arrival at the opening of the exhibition.
1. The authors whose work selected for the exhibition will be eligible for free catalog.
2. Organizers provide free entrance for winners participated in the event PAPKINADA 2009 on 3-5.07.2009r.
Source: http://hajnos.miroslaw.w.interia.pl/cc30.htm
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