Results of the 3rd Niels Bugge Cartoon Award 2015, Denmark

Theme: Equal in Diversity
Bernard Bouton, Secretary General FECO, Cartoonist . France
Carlos Brito, Vice-President General FECO, Cartoonist . France
Claus Seidel, Cartoonist . Denmark
Jugoslav Vlahović, Prof. at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Cartoonist . Serbia
Lars Refn, Chairman of Danish Cartoonists, Cartoonist . Denmark
Marlene Pohle, Vice-President General FECO, Cartoonist, Illustrator . Germany
Morten Thorning, General Director of Animation Workshop . Denmark
Peter Nieuwedijk, President General FECO, Cartoonist . Holland
Zoran Petrović, Cartoonist . Germany.
1st Prize: Angel Boligan Corbo . Mexico (top)
2nd Prize: Darko Drljevic . Montenegro
3rd Prize: Markus Grolik . Germany.
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