Is the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw, Poland, being liquidated by the City Hall?

Officials from the Warsaw City Hall decided to liquidate the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw. They want the caricature museum to be part of the Museum of Warsaw. It is acting to the detriment of culture in Warsaw, Poland, and Europe. There is no substantive evidence for such a connection. Let us do everything to defend the Caricature Museum, which is one of the most original cultural institutions in Europe. Say "no" to thoughtlessness. On this page we will keep you informed about what is happening in this case. Join us!
Perhaps not everyone saw the drawing by Marcin Bondarowicz (below). We also ask other writers who wish to comment on the absurd idea of liquidation of the Museum of Caricature to send in their work. We will post them here. Also we pass the Warsaw city officials. Read more.
Visit also the website here.

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