Oleksy Kustovsky wins the International 7-77 Cartoon Competition 2014, Turkey

The aim of the International 7-77 Cartoon Competition during the festival is to make children - the adults of tomorrow - love cartooning, to contribute to the development of their awareness of humour and to enrich their world with cartoons. For the competition, 922 cartoons have been drawn and sent for children by the master cartoonists from 73 countries.
The cartoon by Oleksy Kustovsky (Ukraine) has been chosen as eligible for the award of 1000 Euro by the jury composed of cartoonists Tan Oral, Kiyarash Zandi (Iran), İzel Rozental, Kamil Masaracı, Prof. Dr. Efser Kerimoğlu (Psikiyatrist), Muhammet Şengöz and Nezih Danyal.
Source: http://www.nd-karikaturvakfi.org.tr/7-77.html.

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