The results of the 2nd International Contest of Social Illustration • 2IS13!

Dear friends, participants of the Contest 2IS13!
We have concluded with the event. The jury, after many hours of carefully evaluation, made its final verdict.
We are pleased to announce the results of the winners of 2IS13!
The Jury:
Gustavo Fabián Abalde: Visual Technician and Visual Arts Professor.
Andrea Elena Polito: Visual Artist and Visual Arts Proffesor.
Cecilia Goñi: Visual Art Proffesor, Visual Technician. Exhibitor and Muralist.
...conducted the selection based on the following criteria:
ELOQUENCE - incidence of the message inscribed.
METAPHOR - the illustration that does not fall into the obvious or literal.
BEAUTY - The care and effort put into realization of the work.
Finally, as a guideline for the selection was considered the MEANING OF HOPE (from POSITIVE look), they choose images that would generate that POSITIVITY.
The jury said: "As we consider the diverse cultures it was somewhat complicated when taking word HOPE worked IN OPPOSITION. Assess for award is not an easy task, since there was a great amount of really good works. We believe that the choice of illustrations we made, meet the specified criteria, this images are POETIC, since they open - through metaphor, to multiple interpretations."
1st Prize: Mojtaba Heidarpanah (Iran)
2nd Prize: Vahid Alimohamadi (Iran)
Special Mention Award "Reaction": Adrian Palmas (Argentina).
• With the support of the Technology Library at the Autonomous University Gabriel René Moreno (Bolivia), the Awards Ceremony will be held on October 31. With the presence of government authorities, academic, artistic and groups invited.
• During the next week we will be sending the corresponding Diploma to the participants whose works have been selected for Itinerant Exhibition of Social Illustrations ( EIIIS! ).
• On the day of the Award, we will present the Digital Catalog EIIIS!, which will be sent to you after that date.
Thank you for your participation and for capturing through illustrations messages of Hope.
Journal Communications Reación Team.
WEB: http://www.fuseres.org/.

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