Brazilian cartoonist Glauco & son murdered by robbers

Goodbye, Glauco
by Anna von Rebeur
We regret to report that the Brazilian cartoonist "Glauco" (Glauco Villas Boas) 53, was killed this morning along with one of his two children (Raoni, 25), in an assault on the door of his home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He had been assaulted several times and was negotiating with the criminals at the door when his son arrived and the assailants shot them.
Born in Jandaia do Sul, Paraná interior, Glauco began publishing his cartoons in the "Diário da Manhã, Ribeirão Preto, in the early '70s. He was awarded in 1977 and 1978 in the 4th and 5th International Exhibition of Piracicaba Humor. In 1977, he began publishing his work in the Folha de Sao Paulo sporadically and only since 1985, Glauco regularly published his strip.
Among his characters are Geraldão, Cacique Jaraguá, Nojinsk, Dona Marta, Zé do Apocalipse, Doy Jorge, Ficadinha, Netão y Edmar Bregman, among others.
In 2006, he launched the book "Política Zero", bringing together 64 drawings of political humor on the Lula government published on page 2 of Folha.
His friend the cartoonist Angeli says that the swiftness of his drawings printed in the toughest times of the dictatorship made Glauco the "Rita Lee of humor."
Glauco was a gifted humorist and very personal and also an excellent person, who will be greatly missed and will be very missed by his friends.
His works can be viewed at: http://www2.uol.com.br/glauco/publicacoes.shtml
This is the last cartoon that was published alongside the tribute Glauco undergoing the site Charge online:

Source: cartoonando . (Translation by Google).

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