Cartoons / Winners of the International Cartoon Competition "Just Explain It Simply"

We are happy to be able to announce the winners of the International Cartoon Competition "JUST EXPLAIN IT SIMPLY - FINANCIAL CRISIS AND POVERTY".

1st prize: Masoud Ziaei Zardkhashoei, Iran

2nd prize: Wesam Khalil, Egypt

3rd prize: Roland Regge vom Schulzenhof, Germany
Appreciation: Horacio Petre, Argentina.
You can see the selected works at http://cartoons.talide.de/en/preistraeger.php5
If you are among the winners, please contact our office at TALIDE <talide@gmx.de>
The jury has also selected 72 works for the exhibition and the catalogue. The creators of these works have been informed already by e-mail.

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