5th International Cartoon Contest Santomera 2010

5th International Cartoon Contest Santomera 2010 - Spain
The Council of Santomera has organised this competition according to the following
1. All professional cartoonists or not of any countries may take part in this competition.
2. Each cartoonist can submit 2 originals, being essential that the original works have not been submitted to a previous competition.
4. The works must be original, any painting technique being accepted. Top quality prints of works achieved by digital tools will be considered originals as long as the author sings them, and with the indication that it is Print nº1.
5. The format of the works will be maximum 30x42 cm without frame.
6. The following PRIZES have been established:
1st PRIZE: 1000 euro
2nd PRIZE: 700 euro
Two runners-up: 200 euro
Special prize best work in Murcia's Region: 200 euro
Special prize best work in Santomera: Graphic Tablet (worth 200 euros).
7. The entries should be submitted from 11th January until 26th February 2010 by 14:00. No work will be accepted after that limit time.
8. Each of the works for submission must carry an identification label, clearly filled in, including name of cartoonist, as well as address, phone number, photograph, e-mail and a brief curriculum.
9. All works must be sent to this address:
Ayuntamiento de Santomera CASAGRANDE (Inmigración)
C/ Cuatro esquinas, 58,
30140 Santomera • Murcia • SPAIN

10. The jury panel will be made up by members designated by the Women, Equal Opportunities, Elderly and Immigration Department of the city council. The decisions of the Jury will be final and will be made public on 9th March 2010. The jury has the right to declare the prizes deserted.
11. The selected works will be exhibited from 29th March until 30th April 2010 in the premises of Casagrande in Santomera.
12. The entries will be judged according to the following criteria: Quality, originality and relation with the chosen theme. Entries transmitting positive messages will be especially valued.
13. The prize-winning works will become the property of the Council of Santomera and will not be returned to their authors. The authors accept that the City Council will have all the exploitation rights over the work for its reproduction, public communication and distribution.
14. Non-award winning entries will be returned to their authors, provided that this has been clearly stated in the identification label (works which do not respect the contest's rules will not be returned). These works will be returned once the Council of Santomera has concluded the programmed exhibitions.
15. These rules will be published in the Bulletin Board and Web page of the City Council http://www.ayuntamientodesantomera.com/, as well as in the following blog: http://humor-grafico-santomera.blogspot.com/
16. By participating in the contest, you accept all the previously stated rules.
Santomera, 9th December 2009.

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