The World Gallery of Cartoons, Skopje 2009 - Republic of Macedonia

Dear friends,
It’s our pleasure to inform you that The World Gallery of Cartoons, after a short break, is continuing with its 37th edition.
As one of the oldest world’s cartoon manifestations, all together with the cartoons during the years we also got very valuable drawings. That fact was a motif to continue the tradition and to improve it in shape of The World Gallery of Drawings.
With pleasure we expect your art works for The World Gallery of Cartoons and The World Gallery of Drawings for this year, 2009, which are organized by OSTEN, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
More information about The World Gallery of Cartoons you can find at: http://www.osten.com.mk/SGKarikaturi-en.html
The World Gallery of Cartoons is organized by Osten – magazine for humour and satire.
The received cartoons will be judged by international jury.
The opening ceremony and award announcement will be held in October 2009 in Skopje.
Subject of 37. WGC: "My subject"
Only original cartoons will be accepted (optional, will be accepted digital prints of the cartoons on paper signed by authors-cartoonists).
It is allowed for one author to send maximum two (2) cartoons. On the back side of the cartoons please write the name and surname of the cartoonist and the title of the cartoon.
Size of cartoons should be on paper format A4 or A3.
The organizer of WGC will not be responsible for any damage that may occur during postage and handling.
The organizer of WGC will keep the cartoons as part of collection of museum of WGC.
By filling out the Participation form, the participant declares and accepts in advance that (s)he hands over the financial/copy rights (s)he holds over the cartoons to WGC for printing/publishing by WGC and Osten without any limitations on location or time period. The author agrees that the organizer of WGC can use the cartoons, exhibit them, keep them in its archives and publish them on the Internet or through other media.
The Participation form and coupons are available for photocopying and you can pass them to your friends and colleagues who would like to participate in WGC.
The Catalogue of 37. WGC will be distributed for free to all participants whose cartoons will be published in the same Catalogue.
WGC will cover the travel and accommodation expenses for following prize-winning cartoonists for the award ceremony in Republic of Macedonia: Grand Prix, First, Second and Third Prizes.
Deadline for entries is July 30, 2009
e-mail: osten@mt.net.mk
web-site: www.osten.com.mk
Participants are expected to send the filled Participation form, with short curriculum vitae (CV) and photograph, all together with their cartoons.
The documents should be sent to address:
OSTEN, ”8. Udarna brigada” No. 2, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
WGC will prize only original cartoons:
Grand Prix for exquisite contribution in world cartoon scene: 3000 $
For tradicional subject: ”My subject”
First prize (Golden Osten): 2000 $
Second prize (Silver Osten): 1500 $
Third prize (Bronze Osten): 1000 $
Five (5) Special prizes: 200 $.

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