Message Cartoon Festa 2009 with theme: Healthy Aging

Theme: Healthy Aging

[Ageless youth and longevity] was the hope that was not granted of King and nobles in the world. To make the dreams come true, stories were born about how loads of money were poured for the search of magical medicine.
Today, people are able to realize have “long life”, but if questioned about whether they are “happy”, the answer may not always be “yes”. Long lived and happy are unfortunately note always slow and stress free life.
Let’s all laugh off such a stress together!
The reason we decided the theme as “Healthy Aging” is so we hope that young generations can have positive image for the future.
Let’s find energetic and happy elders in the work!
This is to hunt energetic and healthy elders.
Please send messages to Miyagawa Town of elderly with unique character such as ‘xxx-tic old man’, ‘Super-grandfather’, and ‘xxx-tic grandmother’ within the MANGA. One’s who captured the MANGA kingdom’s heart, that character will may be mascot of Hida-city.
MANGA Kingdom Award will be selected by townsman of Miyagawa.
Best work from Junior section will be nominated to the General section.
Section / Applicant qualification
[General Section] Age 16 and over. Professionals, amateurs of all nationalities are acceptable
[Junior Section] Age 15 and under. Professionals, amateurs of all nationalities are acceptable 
Size of the Work
Maximum of A4 size (210 mm by 300 mm) to the minimum of post card size
Style, Materials
As long as it concludes within the maximum paper size, all material and style is acceptable. However, relief and three-dimensional work is unacceptable.
Simultaneous Application
A former work or a work which has already been published should note where and when it was published. Also, if it is applied to other awards at the same time or was awarded, note the name of award and exhibition. If not noted, cancellation of winning prize may occur.
General Section
Grand Prize (1) ...........500,000 Yen
MANGA Kingdom Prize (1)....100,000 Yen
Special Prize (1) .........100,000 Yen
Selected Works (1) .........50,000 Yen
Good Work Prize (10) ...........(gift)
Junior Section (Age 15 and under)
Special Prize (1) ..........30,000 Yen
Selected Works (1) .........10,000 Yen
Application Deadline
Monday July 20, 2009 – postmark effective

Application and Information
Entry via Mail
Please Send to:
Promotion office of Miyagawa, [Message MANGA Festa Office]
50-1 Hayashi, Miyagawa, Hida-city, Gifu-Ken 509-4423, Japan

When making brochures, a photo of the author (or self-portrait) will be printed. Please attach a photo (or self-portrait) with your name written on the back to your work.Now, we will not be returning the photo that has been sent.
Return of Entries
Your entry will be considered as your message to the city of Hida, and therefore it will not be returned. If necessary, please make a copy before you send your work.
Copyright, Property right
The copyright and property right of all works will belong to the city of Hida. The city of Hida reserves the right to display them in printed matter and/or any exhibition by Hida-city.
Display and Storage
All works will be displayed and stored at summit house in Miyagawa town, Hida-city.
WEB: http://www.messagemanga.net/e/index.html
Application Form

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