New issue BrazilCartoonNews focuses on Similarity and Plagiarism

Dear Readers,
We will try to publish the monthly Brazilcartoonews initially, in digital mode, but already thinking about leading to paper in a close future.This second edition is well illustrated by a team of talented cartoonists that cooperate with the Brazilcartoon: Mattias,Mello and Ray. We want to open space in the following works for other cartoonists beautify our editions. The texts and interviews are also great. Even with almost any content toward the controversial subject that is the similarity and plagiarism of cartoons. We know that for many cartoonists to face their work being assessed is not very pleasant. Then we could leave this issue that bothers not only the cartoonists, as the organizers and jurors of events of humor aside and deal with less controversial teams. But thinking well, it is important to note that this is a big problem and that has to be deal by everyone. Therefore, in the name of cartoon, you will read in this second edition of Brazilcartoonews an interview with the cartoonist Rahim, creator of C.I.E.C, which is now a reference for participants of salons and, more importantly, a lot of help for the jury. We even did a poll with organizers of events of humor about cartoons and cartoonists alike (that are not unusual) that win contests for design of humor. The brazilian cartoonist Mattias, author of a controversial column in Brazilcartoon, Rats of Hall, talks about the father of plagiarism. The great father cartoonist Pena is also one of the interviewed by the portal. That's it! As strange as it seems this edition has more texts that designs. Even if a picture is worth a thousand words ...Until the next Brazilcartoonews!
Márcio Leite,
Director of Brazilcartoon

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