"Stop This Crime" net-exhibit on Don Quichotte

Dear Cartoonist,
Canadian Government allows slaying hundred of thousands seals and the Canadians repeat this pitiless massacre every year. Unfortunately this massacre keeps going although many groups of animal rights societies protest that by organizing events in the world.
Don Quichotte invites amateur and professional all cartoonists to protest this cruel massacre on our web site. Our goal is to start an international exhibition against Canadian Government to show cartoonists' reactions about this barbarity. Prize is going to be saving life of the innocent seals.
We aim to put pressure on Canadian Government to stop this brutal massacre. By joining us you will be part of this struggle for saving seals' life.
Your artworks can ensure Canadian Government's reconsideration about this barbarian slaughter. We hope this shameful cruel massacre will be end up with all cartoonists' support.
All copyright of the published artworks on Don Quichette web site in this exhibition will be property of PETA.
(PETA is the worlds largest animal rights group headquartered in Norfolk, VA and having field offices in places like New York City, Washington DC and having affiliates in Germany, England, India and other places. Stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.)

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