G8 International Cartoon Web Contest 2008 - Azerbaijan

Global Call to Actions Against Poverty
Azerbaijan National Coalition and Azerphoto agency with the financial support of Oxfam announce opening of the «G8» INTERNATIONAL CARTOON WEB CONTEST-2008
Contest: Open to all cartoonists
Topics: Poverty & Unemployment; Food crises; Climate change; Education, Health, Water and Sanitation; HIV/AIDS; Debt relief; Fair Trade; Gender equality;
Technical info: A4 Size max. 150 dpi, (max.2mb) format JPEG;
Max 2 entries for each topics
black & white or color;
Cartoons with CV should be submitted to cartoon@azerphoto.com by 30 June 2008.
The results will be announced on 02 July 2008 at http://cartoon.azerphoto.com/ based on final decision of international jury.
Prizes: 300, 250, 200 $; 5 Honorable diplomas.
All participants will receive the virtual catalogue of the contest.
Information support - "CARTOON NEWS CENTER"

The world needs free public health care and education. Millions of people don’t know what is primary education and health services. 80 million children can’t go to school. 1,400 women die needlessly in childbirth every day. G8 (USD, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Russia and Japan countries made an agreement over 35 years ago to devote 0.7% of GNI in aid to alleviate poverty in the world’s poorest countries.
These commitments intend to support the poor and developing countries on the public accountability, justice governance, protecting the human rights. As well as increase the quality and quantity of aid, relief of debt and encourage the local governments to develop own independent national economic policy. This will be resulted in improving living conditions of population in the poorest countries and save millions of lives, put every child into school, employ millions of teachers and health workers, and ensure that everyone with HIV/AIDS has access to the treatment.
These promises will be kept and exceeded if the G8, and other rich nations fulfil their obligation to the poor of the world. Promises given by the G8 and rich countries should be kept!!!

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