International Cartoon Сontest CITY & SEA - Ukraine

International Cartoon Сontest
Odessa 2008

Editorship of Odessa magazine «Delovaya Sreda», newspaper «Bazar» and Association of Odessa Cartoonists announce holding of International Cartoon Contest named «CITY and SEA».
Located at the Black Sea coast Odessa City is a center of international tourism, shipping, industry. Odessa Architecture reflects different styles and epochs, and it adds special color to this city. Mild climate, plenty of sun, cozy beaches make this city being a center of Ukrainian tourism. Multinationality of Odessa and tolerance of Odessa citizens have created a specific sense of humor.
The theme of contest is «City and Sea». Events, people, nature, architecture can be reflected in humorous manner, possibly with Russian or English inscriptions.
1) Every cartoonist can participate in the contest.
2) Cartoons (electronic copies) can be performed in any technique. Number of cartoons are limited to five. Cartoons awarded at other cartoon contests can also participate.
3) Deadline of works reception – August 25, 2008, but if participants want their works to be exhibited in tourists attendance places and participate in the contest of audience sympathy, the works should be sent as soon as possible.
4) Works sent to the contest would be exhibited during the period from July 1 till September 3 being accessible in Odessa City.
3) Works have to send by e-mail and should have 300 dpi resolution, А4 size in JPEG or PDF format of 1,5 Mb maximum.
5) Summary and announcement of the winner would take place within the framework of holiday events dedicated to Odessa City Day – September 2, 2008.
1 prize – $ 1000
2 prize – $ 500
3 prize – $ 300
(to be determined by voting of exhibition visitors)
An institution of special prizes from the sponsors of International Cartoon Contest Odessa-2008 «CITY and SEA» is also possible.
7) Works sent to the contest can be used by the founders for production of promotional materials and for the broadcast in internet.
8) Each cartoon is to be sent by a separate message with the inquiry form of the artist, address, e-mail address and author’s photo attached to.
9) The artists agree that their works can be used in the demonstrations in Ukraine and abroad by participation in the contest.
10) Exhibition CD catalogue will be send to each of the exhibition participant.
11) E-mail for sending works:
Contacts: contest coordinator Peter Siguta: +38 0482 344-750,
Address: International Cartoon Contest, «Delovaya Sreda» Magazine, POB 45, Odessa-48, 65048, Ukraine
Entry-form at source: http://azcartoon.bravehost.com/odessa.htm

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