Whoosh International Cartoon Contest 2023, Indonesia

Indonesia is set to launch Southeast Asia's first high-speed railway, a multibilliondollar project backed by China that will cut travel between capital Jakarta and another major city, by hours. The Chinese-made bullet train named "Whoosh" is built to take more than 600 people to and from Jakarta and Bandung in West Java in 45 minutes and is part of China's Belt and Road infrastructure initiative. 
The Indonesian Chinese-language newspaper "Guo Ji Ri Bao" is organizing a cartoon contest from November to December 2023 collaborating with Kereta Api Cepat Indonesia China, The Indonesian Cartoonist Federation (Pakarti). 
This event is supported by Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in China, China Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, PT Chinadesk Indonesia Global, Indonesia Global Law Firm, PT Sinde Budi Sentosa, PT DANATAMA MAKMUR, PT OBOR SUMBERDAYA NUSANTARA, SAHARA NANA, FKS GROUP, FOBI. House Of Cartoon mania (HOCA) and Carma-Cartoon Magazine. 
Creative Direction 
1. The full completion and commissioning of the high-speed railway. It is a great achievement of Indonesia and China's commitment to cooperation and mutual benefit. 
2. The full completion and commissioning of the high-speed railway Widely welcomed by all social circles of Indonesia, by all levels of government, relevant political parties, the national army and police system, and etc. 
3. The full completion and commissioning of the high-speed railway. Let the people along the route to travel more convenient, fast, so that life has a new experience; 
The direction of creation is not limited to the above, we look forward to imagining the colorful Indonesia of "high-speed rail era" through the lens of cartooning. 
4. Target audience 
Indonesian people, Citizens from other countries and regions who are willing to participate 
Relevant requirements 
1. Logo (No Logos allowed, artist signature only) 
Artwork should be Original personal creation, with non-controversial intellectual property rights, healthy content, clear theme, original story idea, positive story; no corporate logos, commercial advertisements or exaggerated publicity shall be shown in the drawing. 
2. Forms include but not limited to, hand-drawn, digital comics, and other graphic comics, which can be single-panel comics, four-panel comics, 
02 Category: 1. Cartoon (Cartoon) 2. Comics 
03 All professional and amateur artists of any nationality can participate; 
04 The size specification is A3 paper size (Portrait or Landscape), manual or digital. Black White or Full Colour. File should be JPG format, Equal to or larger than 500KB/300 DPI. 
05 The submitted works must be accompanied by the respective registration forms, which must be full and legibly filled out; 
06 The works must be submitted until December 07th, 2023 and sent to the following e-mail: xw196111xw@gmail.com
07 The participation in The Whoosh International Cartoon Contest automatically implies the transfer of rights to the publication and reproduction of the works sent via any medium, within the scope of the production and dissemination of the Festival. Thus, the act of registering the submitted work automatically implies the transfer of the respec-tive reproduction rights for non-commercial purposes; 
08 The awarded prizes are as follows: 
Cartoon Category 
1st = 15 million 
2nd = 7.5 million 
3rd = 2.5 million 
Merit Prize 10 @1 million 
Sub Total: 35 million 
Comics Category 
1st = 25 million 
2nd = 15 million 
3rd = 5 million 
Merit prize 10 @2 million 
Sub Total: 65 million 
amounts are before taxes. 
Other prizes: Prize certificates for all winners. 
09 The Jury's decisions are irrevocable and cannot be subject to any type of appeal or claim.
10 The composition of the jury is made up of invited professionals and elements of the festival's organization. 
Awarding and Exhibition 
1. The organizer, in conjunction with relevant institutions, enterprises and associations as well as judges and award-winning authors, will hold an award ceremony at Halim High Speed Railway Station on Monday, December 18, 2023, and at the same time hold a roving cartoon exhibition at the four stations of the Yavan High Speed Railway (tentative). 
2. International daily newspapers and other cooperative media will publish the winning cartoons in their newspapers. 
3. The winning cartoons will be used for the public service promotion of China High Speed Railway Corporation in Indonesia.

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