Manga Pandemic Web Exhibition 2023, Japan

Submission guidelines: 
‘Pandemic’, ‘peace’ and ‘pandemic + peace’ themed manga or illustrations.
Size, Shape: Any size and shape are welcome. 
File requirements:Please submit in JPEG format with the file not exceeding 10MB. Resolution should be at least 2000 pixels on the longest side.
Language: Japanese or English. We will attach a Japanese or English translation for the exhibition if necessary. 
Color: Either monochrome or color is acceptable. 
Submission method: Please send your submission by email. Please include: 
(1) The theme of your work ‘pandemic’/‘peace’/’pandemic+peace’ 
(2) Your name (pen name is acceptable), including notation in the Roman alphabet if your name is written in another script. 
(3) Title of your work (Japanese and English) 
(4) Nationality 
(5) Date of production, and 
(6) Your contact information (email address and phone number). 
Details 1-5 will be open to the public.
Eligibility: Applications are open to both professionals and amateurs, living inside or outside of Japan. 
Submission deadline: Saturday 31 January 2024
Submissions and enquiries e-mail address: Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center c/o Mr. Ito, mandemic2023@kyotomm.jp 
- We cannot offer any form of monetary reward or remuneration. This is a not-for-profit project. 
- Copyright is retained by the creator, but images of the work may be used for publicity (including on SNS) or may be included in business reports. In addition, unless the executive committee determines it to be ‘exceptional commercial use’, the work may be used as an exhibit in another exhibition.
Source: mangapandemic .

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