International Exhibition on a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind 2022, China

In order to promote the concept of the joint development of a more peaceful, harmonious, prosperous, open and beautiful world, China Daily and Wuxi Municipal People's Government have established the International Cartoon and Illustration Exhibition on a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind. In 2022, we will focus on "Low-carbon Lifestyles". We invite all professional and amateur cartoonists and illustrators around the world to show through their artistic creations the vivid stories of people coping worldwide with global warming, advocating low-carbon and green lifestyles, and coexisting harmoniously with nature. 
Organizers : 
China Daily 
Wuxi Municipal People's Government 
Co-organizers : 
China Daily Times' Palette Studio 
Wuxi National Hi-tech District (Xinwu District) 
Information Office of Wuxi Municipal People's Government 
Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (AADTHU) 
China Journalistic Caricature Society 
China Youth New Media Association 
Shenzhen Illustration Association 
The Sherwin-Williams Company 
Exhibition Focus 
With the theme of "Low-carbon Living", participants may either focus on the impact of climate change on the world, or their preferred low-carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Our suggested topics are as follows: 
The impact of climate change on human society or people's daily lives 
How people should tackle the threat of global warming 
Environmental protection 
Preferred low-carbon or green lifestyles, such as green travel, low-carbon consumption, etc. 
Harmonious coexistence between people and nature 
Other low-carbon related topics 
Target Participants 
This exhibition is open to all professional and amateur cartoonists or illustrators of any nationality. 
Gold Prize: 1 winner 
¥50,000 CNY (before tax),  a trophy, a certificate, and a portfolio book 
Silver Prize: 2 winners 
¥20,000 CNY (before tax),  a trophy, a certificate, and a portfolio book 
Bronze Prize: 3 winners 
¥10,000 CNY (before tax),  a trophy, a certificate, and a portfolio book 
Outstanding Prize: 10 winners 
A trophy, a certificate and a portfolio book 
Shortlisted Prize: 100 winners 
An award, a certificate and a portfolio book 
Popularity Prize: 1 winner 
An award, a certificate and a portfolio book 
(* This prize can overlap with other awards.) 
Submissions:Present to July 31, 2022 
Review:August to September 2022 
Prizegiving:Expected between September and November 2022 
Any cartoon or illustration submitted must be the participant's original work. There must be no plagiarism, copying or duplication. The genre may be, but is not limited to, a cartoon or illustration. Format type: JPG; Resolution: 300 dpi; File size: at least 2MB (at least 3,000 pixels along the longest dimension), no larger than 10MB. 
A participant may submit a maximum of 20 images, with no limit to single images or a series. 
A brief introduction about the contribution, including its title and a caption, is required. 
Please give us your e-mail address and phone number so we can reach you should there be any significant developments. 
The contribution should be accompanied by at least one tag in order to be entered into a specific category or categories when uploading. 
Contact Us 
E-mail: competition@chinadaily.com.cn (This is only for feedback, and not for submissions) 
Terms and Conditions 
The organizers reserve the right to refuse entries they consider legally offensive, as well as work that is considered in violation of acknowledged moral standards. 
The copyright of a work belongs to its creator. Participants are responsible for their work-no contributions to the exhibition should infringe on the intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of any third party, or the copyright concerning source materials of any submitted work. If there are any intellectual property rights disputes or copyright disputes related to a contribution, the organizer reserves the right to revoke the participant's eligibility to participate in the exhibition. The participants are liable for any breach of the aforementioned requirements. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that his or her contributions to the exhibition do not generate any copyright or other intellectual property rights disputes, and the organizers are not responsible for any losses or damages. 
By submitting a contribution to the exhibition, each participant irrevocably agrees that in the event his/her/their work is selected as a winning or a shortlisted entry, the participant grants the organizers the permanent rights to exhibit, publish and disseminate the work, which means the organizers are authorized to use the work for (online and offline) exhibition, (print and digital) publication, display on China Daily platforms (including but not limited to newspapers, websites, apps, and domestic and overseas social media accounts), and portfolio books or cultural and creative products (for free distribution and not for sale). 
By submitting a contribution, each participant irrevocably agrees that in the event his/her/their work is selected as a winning or a shortlisted entry, at the organizers' sole discretion, the partners may use the contributions for non-profit exhibition and publication. 
The organizers take precedence over the right to use a contribution for financial gain. With a prior tripartite agreement among the organizer, the work's creator and a third party, which shall expressly stipulate issues including authorization and disposition of income, the organizer may authorize or partner with the third party to use the contribution for commercial purposes. (Only in the case that the contribution is created by a Chinese citizen.) 
China Daily reserves the right to interpret all of the terms and conditions. 
By submitting a contribution to the exhibition, the participant agrees to the above terms and conditions. Register and submit your works on source: chinadaily.

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