The 8th International Caricature Festival, Ferizaj 2022, Kosovo

Organizer of the INTERNATIONAL CARICATURE FESTIVAL, FERIZAJ 2022, VIII EDITION, is the Association of Cartoonists "HiTHi" - Ferizaj, Kosovo. 
All cartoonists over the age of 18 from all over the world can participate, regardless of nationality, sex, color or profession. 
a) Persons with disabilities 
b) Cultural heritage 
c) Free 
It may happen that we do not understand people with disabilities, due to health problems born or caused by an accident. This is so, more due to our lack of knowledge of this category, than their disregard. 
This time we want, to give educational messages to all of us through cartoon, that this category of people have any physical disability or other, while in other areas they can be very useful to society and being active, they are good for themselves and society. 
Cartoonists are the ones who give silent messages, but ring like bells and draw attention to that part of society that don't realize that they themselves are not limitless. 
As an orientation, these titles can serve: 
- Persons with disabilities and traffic 
- Persons with disabilities and urbanism 
- Persons with disabilities and society 
- Persons with disabilities and the social circle 
- Persons with disabilities and sports, etc. 
1. Author-signed digital artwork will be accepted in A4 format, in JPG with 300 dpi, in various techniques, in color or white. 
2. Cartoons must not have won at festivals before. 
3. A maximum of 5 works (cartoons) can be submitted for each topic. 
5. The author should send a picture, a brief CV, phone number, exact location address and email address. 
ADDRESS Association of Cartoonists "HiTHi" Culture Center, Str. Ramadan Rexhepi” pn. 70000 Ferizaj Kosovo 
Email address : hithi.kosova@gmail.com 
The deadline for submitting works is 10 July 2022
First prize: "Golden HiTH" plaque and 300 euros monetary value 
Second prize: "Cash Money HiTH" Plaque and 200 euros monetary value 
Third prize: Bronze HiTH plaque and 100 euros monetary value 
Five special awards: Diploma 
a) Only artists who send cartoons on the subject "Persons with disabilities" will be rewarded with monetary prizes. 
The exhibition will open in the City Square in Ferizaj or at the Ferizaj Art Gallery on September 23, 2022 at 18.00! 
Authors who qualify for the exhibition will receive digital certificates for high artistic value, while other participants will receive certificates of participation. 
The printed catalog will include only exhibitors, while the digital catalog will include all contestants. 
The organizer reserves the right to reproduce the works submitted to Caricature Festival, Ferizaj 2022, VIII Edition, and their advertising without having to pay a fee to authors whose work can be used for the aforementioned purposes. 
Guest of Honor of the Caricature Festival, Ferizaj 2022, VIII Edition, will be the Albanian cartoon veteran, Mr. Bujar Kapexhiu, who will appear with 20 cartoons, out of competition. 
We welcome you with love to Ferizaj, in the city which has three features that other cities do not: 
1/ Ferizaj is a city with the year it was founded in 1873, when it was born together with the Vienna-Thessaloniki railway. 
2/ Ferizaj became a city for once, having never been inhabited. 
3 / In Ferizaj is the Nerodima Bifurcation, a special phenomenon, where the river is divided into two branches and never joins again. The right branch joins the river Lepenc, Vardar and flows into the Aegean Sea, while the left branch joins Moravia, the Danube is poured into the Black Sea. 
Let cartoons serve as a bridge of cooperation between peoples even when pointless conflicts and bloodshed occur in the world, but cartoons made its way crossing borders through virtual exhibitions and penetrates where it is dedicated to you. 
Imri Musliu
Executive Director of U.K. HiTHi-Ferizaj 
Phone: +38344224586; 
1/ Agenda of September 22, 2022, afternoon Arrival of guests and their accommodation at the hotel. 
2/ Agenda of September 23, 2022 
9.00-10.00, visit to the Tourist Complex "Bifurcation" in Ferizaj 
10.00-10.30 coffee break 
10.30-11.00 journey to the village of Gadime in Lipjan 
11.00-12.30 visit to the Gadime Cave 
12.30-13.30 lunch break 
13.30-14.30 journey to Pristina 
14.30-16.00 visit to the cartoonist's workshop. 
16.00-17.00 return to Ferizaj 5 pm - 6 pm, break 
18.00 exhibition opening 
From 19.00 dinner and afternoon guests entertain rock singers: Veli Sahiti and Osman Shehu. 
Source: Imri Musliu.

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