The 20th PortoCartoon 2018 / Invitation / Clean the Planet with Us!

Dear artists of the humor,

Planet Earth needs a lot of cleaning.

And when it comes to cleanliness, we know that in the language of humor, there are different kinds of trash. With varying degrees of toxicity.

There is household trash.

There is industrial waste that pollutes the air, the rivers and the sea.

There is the rubbish of consumerism.

There is the rubbish of tax havens that unbalances the world.

There is the rubbish of corruption that involves top leaders in many parts of the world.

Sometimes all these junk is mixed in different layers.

Therefore, PortoCartoon 2018 wants to evoke cleaning the world, in this multiplicity of meanings.

Only with this latitude it’s possible to have a more democratic, cleaner and healthier planet!

In addition to this subject, there is the Free Theme and also the caricatures.
We propose two icons of the magic of music and cinema: Amália and Woody Allen.
Both have expressive faces and are rich in emotion.

Come then the best humor in the world, with intelligence and art!

Luiz Humberto Marcos,

PortoCartoon-World Festival
Museu Nacional da Imprensa
Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206
4300- 316 Porto, Portugal
Tel.: +351 22 530 49 66

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