1st Global Caricature Festival on Safe Community 2017, Iran

The 1st Global Caricature Festival on Safe Community 2017, Iran
Simultaneously with the international conference on safe community, Mashhad 2017, the first global caricature festival will be held. The following topics are covered in the festival:
1- Safety and urban transportation
Making sidewalks safe
Making urban streets safe
Clean and safe transportation
Vehicle Safety and Standards
Traffic rules and safe community
2- Health, hygiene, and safe community
Trauma care
Providing health services for prevention and control of health disorders
Safe community and mental health
Nutrition and safe community
3- Safety in public places and urban environments
The promotion of safety in environment with an emphasis on innovative approaches (especially in schools, places of worship, etc.)
The role of ergonomics and environmental health in creating a safe community
4- Safety and municipal services
The role of municipal services in creating a safe city
Environment and safe community
5- Safety in urban design and urbanization
Townscape, visual comfort, and mental health
Planning and urban design indicators which are effective in the promotion of citizen’s safety
The role of urban lighting and safety lighting design in the safety of the city
Making the municipal utilities safe in order to prevent accidents
6- Information technology (IT), communications, smartization, and safe community
The use of IT and communication technology in detecting, recording and analyzing events data
Smartization and safe community
The role of IT, communications, smartization, and safe community
7- The culture of citizenship and safe community
Citizenship education and its role in safe community
Safe culture and citizens’ role in the promotion of safety in the community
Citizenship rights and safe community
Religious teachings and safe community
8- Safety risk management
The indicators of urban disaster risk management
Urban risk prevention strategies
Primary and secondary risks posed by climate change in cities
The specific topic of the festival: what will the future cities look like?
The conditions of participations:
The artists should send their personal data forms and artworks to the festival secretariat email
The artworks, awarded in other festivals or competitions, are not accepted and they will be rejected in the judgment stage
The organizers of the contest are allowed to use all the artworks for advertising the safe community issues
The file should be in JPG format, 2000 pixel, and 300DPI
The artworks entered the exhibition will be published in a festival book, and the artists creating those artworks will receive a copy of the book
Festival prizes:
The first winner: 1500 $, trophy, and honorable Mention
The second winner: 1000 $, trophy, and honorable Mention
The third winner: 750 $, trophy, and honorable Mention
Special prize:
Three awards (each costs 10 million Rails) will be presented to the three artists
The festival & exhibition date: 6-8 March, 2017
Artwork submission deadline: 23 February, 2017
Telephone and fax: 00985138412321
Email: safe-2017cartoon@mashhad.ir
Secretariat address: Safe Community Conference Office, Charsoogh1, Art Center, Koohsangi Park, Mashhad, Iran.
Submission Registration Form on source: safe2017.

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