Results of the XIV International Cartoon Contest "Independence", theme: "Cosmopolitan"

The result of the XIV International Cartoon Contest "Independence", theme: "Cosmopolitan" 
Session XVI International Contest Jury cartoons «Independence» (Theme: «Сosmopolitan») was held on October 20, 2016 in Kiev.
Jury: Zablocki Vitaly (Ph.D., Professor at the National Pedagogical University) Kiryuhin Denis (analyst of the Kiev Center for Political and Conflict Studies), Kurina Aksinia (social activist, journalist), Maria Ruban (correspondent of department of culture of the newspaper «Today»), Sayenko Andrei (chief artist of the magazine «Crocodile plus», cartoonist) Tovmach Eugeny (administrative and marketing Director TRK «Cosmopolitan»), Kosobukina Nina, Kosobukina Tatiana.
113 cartoonists from 31 countries submitted 329 works. 50 selected works presented at the exhibition and in the catalog.
1st prize: Popov Andrey (Russia) (Top), 2nd prize: Golub Victor (Ukraine), 3rd prize: Lukyanchenko Igor (Ukraine).
Haiyno Anatoly (Ukraine), Zhytnikov Alexander (Ukraine), Paschenco Igor (Russia), Kapusta Nikolay (Ukraine), Maiyorenko Georgy (Ukraine), Feng Guibo (China).
Li Jingshan (China) — Diploma of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
Semendyaev Sergey (Ukraine) — Diploma of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Kovtun Alexander (Ukraine) — Diploma Yuri Kosobukin.
Drozdov Sergey (Russia), Kaan Saatci (Turkey) — Diploma of the Association of Cartoonists.
Source: http://cartoon.org.ua/?page=independ_16
Catalog (PDF format).

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