Kicking out unemployment: Contest of Humor SHG 2016, Brazil

Contest of humor SHG 2016, Brazil
Join with cartoon, caricature, or cartoon strip,
using a comic balkcony within the theme
Dalcio / Kicking out unemployment.
There's no fun on unemployment. Most of all, when it takes who made the Brazil's culture. The cartunist, Dalcio Machado, is one more victim of this, so we will make him a tribute to all unemployed cartunists, through cartuns having Dalcio as a theme. Just he, who have participate and awarded on all Humour Contest around the world!
1st place: A original art signed by Dalcio Machado
1st to 3rd places: Digital certify
   Honour Mentions to 5 participants.
- Send one work only.
- Theme: Kicking out unemployment
Send your cartun until October 23, 2016
NEW DEADLINE: 30 November 2016
to the page "Salões de humor gráfico"
Examination Board:
Jota A.
Dalcio Machado
Silvano Mello
Camilo Lucas
Lex franco.
Hats off to Dalcio Machado.
Hats off to the Brazilian Cartun.

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