The Second Holocaust International Cartoon Contest 2015, Iran

The Second Holocaust International Cartoon Contest 2015, Iran
Technique: Free
Maximum Sending Artworks: 5 Artworks
Size: Artworks Must Be By Format (Jpg) Minimum 2000 Pixel By 200 DPI Dimensions.
Paticipants Must Send Their Photo, Full Name, Post Address, Email Address, Phone Number Via Word File.
All Participants That Their Cartoons Publish In Catalog Will Receive One Catalog.
1-If west doesn't know any limit for freedom of expression, why they don't permit the researchers and historians to consider Holocaust?
2-Why should Palestinian oppressed people compensate Holocaust. The people that didn't have any role in world war II?
3- We are worried about another Holocausts such as Atomic Holocaust (Holocaust in Iraq, Syria and Gaza)
Deadline: 1st April 2015
First Prize: 12000 $, Trophy,Honorable Mention
Second Prize:8000 $, Trophy, Honorable Mention
Third Prize 5000 $, Trophy, Honorable Mention
10 Special Prize.
Please Send Your Artworks Via Email: info@irancartoon.com
Deadline For Sending Artworks: April 01, 2015
Source: irancartoon.

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