Catalog Vercelli 2014 arrives from Italy

Yesterday received the color catalog Vercelli 2014. It is 21x14.7 cm in size and has 32 pages not including the covers. The winners of the 18th International Biennial entitled "Humoristic art in the world" had already been announced to the paricipants by letter. Along with the prize-winning artists' works are included 12 selected cartoons by the following cartoonists: Valentin Georgiev, Giovanni Audisio, Musa Gumus, Cornel-Marin Chiorean, Louis Pol, Darko Drljevic, Rooshan Gataullin, Wesam Khalil, Omer Cam, Luc Descheemaeker, Slawomir Luczynski, and Carlo Sterpone. Caricatures are also included in this catalog. Below is "The Master", one of the 1st prize-winning artist Petrisan's digital works.

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