Winners of the 5th New Izvestia Cartoon Contest 2013, Russia: Faster! Higher! Funnier!

1st Prize: Sergey TYUNIN (Russia) (Top)
2nd Prize: Sotiris ARNIS (Greece)
3rd Prize: Luc DESCHEEMAEKER (Belgium)
3rd Prize: Vasiliy ALEXANDROV (Russia)
Diplomas of Honor:
Mirko ZULIC (Montenegro)
Ester LAURINGSON (Estonia)
Alexander DUBOVSKY (Ukraine)
Musa GUMUS (Turkey)
Santiago CORNEJO (Argentina)
Anatoly RADIN (Russia)
Viacheslav BIBISHEV (Russia)
Sigit NUGROHO (Indonesia)
Ramses Morales IZQUIERDO (Cuba) (Below)
All winning cartoons here.

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Luc Descheemaeker said...

I'm still waiting for the the receive of my money prize…. since February 2014. What's happening in Moskow? Somebody knows what happened with the organization? Why there is no communication to the cartoonists?
Luc Descheemaeker

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