International cartoon contest Ruse 2014: To vote or not to vote / This time it's different

Europe Direct Information Center Ruse
Ruse 7000, 26 Alexandrovska str., p.b.169,
Royal City Center, fl.3, tel: 00359 82 507875,
direct_ruse@europe.bg www. ruse-direct.eu
International cartoon contest
To vote or not to vote
This time it's different
Ruse, Bulgaria
 Europe Direct Information Center, Ruse
 The European Institute, Sofia
 Ruse Art Gallery, 7000 Ruse, 39 Borisova str.
 FECO Bulgaria
Terms and conditions
The contest will focus at The 2014 European elections. The elections on 22-25 May will give voters the chance to influence the future political course of the European Union when they elect the 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to represent their interests for the next five years
Why are these elections different?
As the European Union seeks to pull through the economic crisis and EU leaders reflect on what direction to take in future, these are the most important European elections to date.
They not only allow voters to pass judgment on EU leaders' efforts to tackle the eurozone crisis and to express their views on plans for closer economic and political integration; they are also the first elections since the Lisbon Treaty of 2009 gave the European Parliament a number of important new powers.
One major new development introduced by the Treaty is that, when the EU member states nominate the next president of the European Commission to succeed José Manuel Barroso in autumn 2014, they will - for the first time - have to take account of the European election results. The new Parliament must endorse this candidate: it 'elects' the Commission president, in the words of the Treaty. This means voters now have a clear say in who takes over at the helm of EU government.
The new political majority that emerges from the elections will also shape European legislation over the next five years in areas from the single market to civil liberties. The Parliament - the only directly elected EU institution - is now a linchpin of the European decision-making system and has an equal say with national governments on nearly all EU laws.
І. Cartoon;
Terms for participation:
1. The contest is open for professional and amateur cartoon artists over 18 years;
2. Each participant could send up to 3 works /originals/ in A4 or A3 format;
3. Cartoons could be either color or black and white;
4. Deadline for receiving works 15.04.2014 on the following address:
Information Center Europe Direct Ruse
26 Alexandrovska str.,
Royal City Center, fl.3,
7000 Ruse, p.b.169
For Cartoon contest
5. Participants should send a short СV, as well as name and family name, titles of the works, postal address, e-mail address and telephone.
6. Jury:
 Ivaylo Tsvetkov – chairperson of FECO for Bulgaria, cartoon artist for newspaper Monitor, newspaper Telegraph and magazine Tema.
 Valentin Georgiev, cartoon artist, illustrator, artist;
 Elena Velikova, director Ruse Art Gallery;
7. Prizes:
І prize of the contest – plaque and diploma;
2 special prizes and diplomas;
SBH prize;
RAG prize;
FECO Bulgaria prize;
All awarded and selected works will be part of exhibition in Ruse Art Gallery and IC Europe Direct. Cartoons will not be returned. All cartoons will be included in collection of Europe Direct and will be included in travelling exhibition among Europe Direct Centers in Bulgaria.
8. Postal costs for sending works are covered by participants. There is no fee for participation;
9. Participation in this contest is considered as author’s agreement with present terms.
10. We wish success to all participants!
Opening of exhibition :
May 2014, 17.30 EET.
Ruse Art Gallery, Ruse, 39 Borisova str.
Contacts :
For all questions referring organization and terms of the contest you can write to: direct_ruse@europe.bg to the Europe Direct Ruse or to valyo1970art@yahoo.com Valentin Georgiev.

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