9th “Tianyan Cup” China International Children’s Cartoon Competition 2014

Notice on the Ninth “Tianyan Cup” China International Children’s Cartoon Competition
I. Competition Name:
The Ninth “Tianyan Cup” China International Children’s Cartoon Competition
II. Host
Organizing Committee of China International Cartoon and Animation Festival
China National Youth and Children’s Palace Association
China International Culture Association
China Association for Children’s Plastic Arts
III. Undertaker:
Hangzhou Youth and Children’s Centre
IV. Co-undertaker:
Hangzhou Municipal People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
Sina (Zhejiang)
Humorist Comics
V. Sponsor:
Zhejiang Zhongnan Group Animation Co., Ltd.
VI. Participants and Scope
Any youth or child under 18 (born after March 20, 1996) has the right to participate in the competition. Individuals or groups are welcomed.
VII. Themes (choose one)
1. Story of Horse
2. Dream
3. “Return to” the Silk Road
4. Getting hotter…
VIII. Rules
1. Participants are divided into Junior Group (middle school students) and Children Group (primary school students and preschool children).
2. Participating works shall be original, instead of modification, reproduction or copy from others. They shall boast entire copyright. In case of violation, the participation qualification of such works will be cancelled.
3. Each participant is allowed to contribute 1 piece of works.
4. The competition will not charge any participation fees.
IX. Requirements
1. Original works with healthy and positive content should be sent. The patterns of manifestation are not limited. Paper of single, four and multiple cartoon strips should not be smaller than 20×30cm or bigger than 55×40cm. No framing is needed. Cartoon books should be no more than 16 pages with a size bigger than 15×20cm and smaller than 30×40cm, and should be binded together in book form. Personalized bookbinding and layout are encouraged.
2. Each work will be stuck on the bottom right corner a form including nationality, name, sex, date of birth and group to attend (Middle School Group or Primary School Group), name of school, address, post code, telephone number, instructor, title and brief introduction to works, etc. Visit the official website of China International Cartoon and Animation Festival http://www.cicaf.com and the website of Hangzhou Youth and Children’s Center http://www.hzqsn.com to download the forms of Registration Table of the Participating Works and Statistics Table of Group Participation.
X. Awards:
1. Top Grade Prize will be awarded to 10 contestants (RMB 1,000 each).
2. Gold Prize, Silver Prize, Bronze Prize and Merit Prize will be awarded for 1%, 1.5%,
2.5% and 5% participants of total contribution works respectively.
3. Excellent Organizer Award and Excellent Tutor Prize are also provided.
4. Excellent Instructive Award is given to the teachers of winners of Top Grade Prize and Gold Prize as well as the teachers of the group winning the Origination Award.
5. Excellent works winning prizes will be included in the Collection. Each award winner will be awarded with certificate and one Collection.
6. Winners of Top Grade Prize and Gold Prize will award a set of Wisdom and Imagination published in the first half year of 2014.
XI. Works Exhibition
Excellent works will be displayed in professional art exhibitions or on the web, and names of all prize winners will be announced on the websites (websites of China International Cartoon and Animation Festival and Hangzhou Youth and Children’s Center). Also, some of them will be published in magazines such as Master of Humor and Wisdom and Imagination.
XII. Deadline
March 20th, 2014 (according to the date of stamp)
XIII. Agreement
No works will be returned back. The authors agree to transfer the publishing right, exhibition right and property right of the works to the Host. All the participants are deemed to agree with the rules above.
XIV. Works Shall be Mailed to
Tianyan Cup Cartoon Competition Office, Art Department of Hangzhou Youth and Children’s Center (No. 22, Zhaoqingsili Street, Xihu District, Hangzhou), Zhejiang Province, China, Post Code: 310007
Addressee: Wang Zhan, Sun Jingnan
Telephone: 0086-0571-85821035 (except for Monday and Tuesday)
Fax: 0086-0571-85821012
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