7th International Salon of Humor from Paraguaçu Paulista 2013-14, Brazil

7th International Salon of Humor from Paraguaçu Paulista 2013-14, Brazil
Registrations until December 02, 2013. Opening - January 16, 2014.
All the professional or amateur cartoonists can register unpublished works, since they have not been rewarded in another contests and expositions until the date of closing of the registrations (12-02-2013). Each author can register up to three (3) works for category, developed in any technique including them elaborated by computers. For each work sent, the author must fill one(1) registration form. In the case of shipping for CD, to enclose file with the author's data.
The theme will be free for the two categories
(Political Cartoon and Caricatures) and with theme specified in Thematic Cartoon. The format will be the A3 (297X420mm) without frames and mounted on cardboard in case of the originals.
All the works, including the originals, they can be sent through for e-mail or CD, digitalized in 300DPI, color way RGB, in the format JPG (high quality) or PDF obeying the maximum limit of 2,0 MB for each work. The works can be sent through the website in the section Registration Form.
Political Cartoon (Charge) - Graphic representation and well tempered of a political fact and/or social on present time.
Caricature - Graphic representation with well tempered anatomical alteration of well-known personalities.
Thematic Cartoon - This category will have a specific theme - "Idolatry" (Idolatry is rooted, even if unconsciously, in everyday modern man. The worship of power, money, the body, the ego and popularity, technology, among others, without forgetting his own religiousness).
Three will be given (3) three prizes for each category. In the total amount of R$ 10.500,00 divided like this:
Three prizes of 1st place, worth of R$ 2.000,00 each, distributed among the categories;
Three prizes of 2nd place, worth of R$ 1.000,00 each, distributed among the categories;
Three prizes of 3rd place, worth of R$ 500,00 each, distributed among the categories;
All the categories will have three Honorable Mentions through diplomas totalized 9 mentions.
The values of the prizes for the international works will be exchanged with base into the value of the Commercial Dollar of the date of dispatch of the consignment abroad, no more than three months after opening the event.
PS.: The award jury the right is reserved of not destining prizes to the categories that don't reach the enough level, transferring for another categories, or creating a special reward of the Saloon.
When registering in the Exhibition, the author automatically transfers the Cession of the copyrights of his work(s) when awarded, getting, in a total, universal and definitive way, in all the use modalities and gratuitous title, that starts to integrate the Patrimony of the Salon of Humor from Paraguaçu Paulista in Brazil for all the right ends.
In case of the award jury verifies some fraud species or plagiarism in an/ or more registered works, it can cancel the reward for the candidate. The works will be released in the site of the Exhibition after the judgment they will be able to be feed backed up to 10 days after the opening of the Exhibition, with fitting tests of any irregularity made from the jury.
Other prizes and mentions will be able to be instituted the approach of the Organizing Commission.
Works out of the regulation or considered plagiarisms will be automatically declassified.
The works should be sent for the following postal address:
Salão de Humor de Paraguaçu Paulista – Rua Salmen Zauhy, 300, Vila Nova ,
Paraguaçu Paulista – SP – Brasil – CEP 19700-000 –
Tel.: +55 (18) 3362 - 0906 – (18)3361- 4538 – (18) 9636-8354
until December 02, 2013 (it is worth the arrival date).
E-mail: salao@salaodehumordeparaguacu.com.br
Site: www.salaodehumordeparaguacu.com.br
The works will be returned until one year after the closing of the event, on January 16, 2015. In case of the artist wants to receive his work before, he should remove from the Salon.

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