Results Axial International Cartoon Contest 2012, Hungary

Theme: Machines in agriculture, construction and warehousing
I. Prize: Tovirac Zoran Toco (Serbia)
II. Prize: Doru Axinte (Romania)
III. Prize: Máté Steiner (Hungary)
Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine)
Andrey Selivanov (Russian Federation)
Bartolome Matas Atienza (Spain)
Károly Lugosi (Hungary)
Oleksy Kustovsky (Ukraine) (Top)
Tomas Trunecek (Czech Republic).
All winning cartoons + Participants.

1 comment:

TRIANA said...

my following thoughts:

The first is that regardless of who won, all very good jobs (so they thought at first), I would like to know why in similar contests, no work of countries in continents such as America, Asia and Africa, were taken into account, but only? European award for? The most accurate data and mortifies me is that Latin American countries were in September with 32 representatives (not counting Latinos living in other countries). Does not latino mood "like"?, Well to be fair I should say humor "African-Asian-American", just ... Does the European? Perhaps the best solution is to do or not European competitions only be sent where no work is valued around here, right?, What do you think?

Second, why is there a tendency to reward odious a participant in two categories in the same competition?, Is not it unfair? Many lose the opportunity to have their work recognized and are faced with the fact (without denying genius) that their work is good it is omitted in an award because the jury intended two awards to a single source which itself, since has been "blessed" to be recognized in the first instance. I know the rules of the competitions are clear and independent but I think border on unfair in this aspect and because of lazy. Thanks for comment.