Theme in 2nd UCGE International Cartoon Contest 2012: Shopping is Life

Source: http://www.ucge.com/karikaturyarismasi/english.htm
Subject: Shopping is life
Rules and regulations:
1. The cartoon contest is open to all cartoonist of the world.
2. Cartoons can be sent by e-mail or by post. In case of necessity, the executive committee is entitled to request the original cartoons from the participants.
Below are the contact details:
E-mail : info@anadolukarikaturculerdernegi.org
Anadolu Karikatürcüler Derneği, Hüdavendigar Mh. Hısım Sk. No:1/19 Osmangazi / Bursa / Turkey
Tel: +90 224 235 65 00
3. Cartoons need to be in A4 size and JPG format with 300 dpi resolution. Cartoons in different formats will be disqualified.
4. The cartoons must not have been awarded before.
5. Curriculum Vitae (CV) including contact details and a photo is required in word format (doc).
6. Maximum 5 cartoons per artist are allowed in the contest.
7. All rights of the submitted cartoons are transferred to ÜÇGE Company for use in different platforms. Cartoon artists cannot claim any charges for the use of their cartoons by ÜÇGE. ÜÇGE has the right to publish submitted cartoons at different media organs providingö the artists’ signature.
8. Exhibited cartoons cannot be claimed back.
9. Deadline for the contest is the 20th July 2012.
10. Cartoons chosen for the grand finale will be published online at http://www.ucge.com/karikaturyarismasi/ between 23rd and 27th July. At this period, cartoons will be publicly available for evaluation for authenticity, and any inquiries for fraud will be further considered by the organization committee. After this date, objections to authenticity will not be considered.
11. The jury will meet on the 28th of July 2012 and the winner will be announced on the 30th of July 2012.
12. Award ceremony and the exhibition dates will be announced later.
13. All participants who take part in the contest are assumed to be aware of the above-mentioned rules and regulations. Cartoons which do not comply with the above-mentioned rules and regulations will be disqualified from the contest.
1st Place 2.000 USD
2nd Place 1.000 USD
3rd Place 500 USD
Honorable mentions will be given to three participants (plaquet)
The Anatolian Cartoonists Association special prize (plaquet).
Ahmet Aykanat
The Anatolian Cartoonists Association

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