International Caricature Contest «Press Without Press», Russia

International Caricature Contest «Press Without Press», Russia
Contest Rules: The international contest, «Press Without Press» is open for participation to everyone. The New Izvestia's jury accepts new caricatures as well as the works which were previously exhibited or awarded at other contests. However, the jury will give preference to authors of new pictures while choosing the contest prize winners.
Techniques: Authors are allowed to use any kind of drawing techniques including computer graphics.
Images: All caricatures must be submitted only electronically via a special form at the New Izvestia website. Maximum size of a submitted picture is 3 MB, minimum length of the caricature's bigger side is 2400 px. We accept only .jpg files.
Deadline: The deadline of the contest is October 1, 2012.
Contest Prizes:
* Main prize – $1.500
* Second prize – $1.000
* Third prize – $500
* Ten Diplomas of Honor
According to the laws of the Russian Federation, all money prizes are taxable.
Exhibitions and publications: 100 best caricatures will be printed in the contest catalogue and will be exhibited at the New Izvestia editorial office and at one or more exhibition hall(s) in Moscow. The expositions will be held in November 2012.
Chairman of the contest jury is Mikhail Zlatkovsky – a political caricaturist, New Izvestia.
The contest organizers reserve the right to use submitted works at their discretion with no compensations to authors.
Source: http://www.newizv.ru/fotoreport/about/?f_id=378 .

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