Catalog of exhibition in Kosova: "Agim Krasniqi & Guests"

Here is the catalog of the cartoon exhibition in Prishtine, Kosova, which I did participate with some friends as the guests of the Kosovar cartoonist friend Agim Krasniqi. Our cartoons were exhibited along with Krasniqi's work at the Art Gallery (Qafa Complex) between July 01-15, 2010, and they are made into this catalog of 40 pages, covers included, and size 19.5x22.3 cm by the support of Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport of the Republic of Kosova.

Although my friends and I from Turkey were officially invited, we were unfortunately not able to be present at the opening ceremony for not having been sponsored for the flight expenses by any establishment nor by the Association of Cartoonists in Turkey which all of us are members of.

It was very kind of Mr Krasniqi who wanted to share the gallery walls with some artists from friendly countries and had the contribution of the following cartoonists: Ramadan Zaplluzha (Kosova), Bujar Kapexhiu (Albania), Arben Meksi (Albania), Orlis Vathi (Albania), Klodian Bezhani (Albania), Kemal Ozyurt (Turkey), Fahri Eyican (Turkey), Ahmet Umit Akkoca (Turkey), and Umit Mufit Dincay (Turkey).

Each guest is presented in the catalog with a short bio and one of the 2-3 cartoons of his exhibited in the gallery. Art critic Mustafa Ferizi has an enlightening introductory essay in the book which he concludes with a hope that the exhibition next year will have traditional physiognomy and international character.

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