2010 Eco cartoon exhibition, India

2010 Eco cartoon exhibition, India
The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago... had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands. - Havelock Ellis, The Dance of Life, 1923.
Man has two faces. He is the creator and destroyer too. But concerning to environment, he is always the destroyer.
If we look at it historically, man is continually destroying his environment, for changes to occur. One should flatten a hill or a mountain for one to build new roads and infrastructure. One has to cut all the trees in the forest for mans dreams in building houses and bridges to be realized.
Do business with the environment in mind - systematically
Environmentally conscious and resource-saving actions are essential for one and all today. The aim should always be to improve the economic and ecological conditions today for future generations.
Many organizations and social groups now have programs and activities dedicated to environmental issues.
As it is proven that, the cartoon is a powerful weapon against oppression and has a liberator role, where shows many times a reality from an unseen angle, the ignorant man is visualized the reality.
In this context, cartoonists forum attempts to organize an International Cartoon Exhibition on emphasizing the individual responsibility towards Environment.
Though, there are many efforts that have already been made to explain need of such awareness towards Environmental protection, www.indianink.org tries to make the program more effective by inviting cartoons in person from the prominent cartoons around the world.
The regulations and the information for this exhibition are as follows:
The Theme of the exhibition is Let Environment Live
Grow Green & Go with Green
The organization’s motto is to emphasize the need of protecting green environment with the following messages:
Save greenery
Grow greenery
Condemn deforestation
Avoid plastic usage.
Cartoons need be sent via e-mail, in a clear resolution of 300 dpi. Cartoons can be sent in CD-ROMs to the address mentioned below.
The size is A4 (size 800 pixels x 1100 pixels with 300 dpi resolution image and format jpeg, tif)
The cartoons must be sent at the e-mail address: syamohan99@yahoo.com
Max 5 cartoons can be sent.
First name, Last name, Address, E-mail, Telephone number should be submitted together works. Or the author's entry-form and biography are needed.
The works whether they have been awarded, exhibited in other contests previously will be accepted.
Last date for receipt of cartoons through e-mail: 25.05.2010
The exhibition is conducted at Lumbini Park, Hyderabad, India.
on World Environment Day 5th June.
PRIZES - 12 Awards + Medals.
Excellent works will have the excess to the "2010 eco cartoon exhibition, India contest and will be selected into the catalogue. Cartoonist whose works are selected will get a copy for free. Committee has the rights to use any of the participated works in a brochure, on posters, in other printed matter.
Your participation is most appreciated. We are certain that the exhibition will have a positive effect on the understanding of environmental issues and on the appreciation of cartoon art towards the social cause.
Send your CDs to this address:
Shyam Mohan, cartoonists forum, 8-3-825/5/4/3/1, Srinagar Colony, HYDERABAD-500 O73, A.P, I N D I A.
Cell: +91 94405 95858

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