3rd Cartoonale De Geus 2009 exhibition brochure

Just received the exhibition brochure De Geus 2009 from Belgium. The 1st prize-winner is Aleksei Kivokourtsev from Russia and his cartoon is published on the first page of the brochure which is fully in color.
On the second page is the info about the competition held every two years (with free theme this year), the members of the jury, and the complete list of participants. 121 artists from 30 countries sent in 421 cartoons and 130 are selected for the exhibition that was open between Sep 25 - Oct 4, 2009 at Galerie De Fontein, Grote Plaats, Lebbeke.
The third page covers the 2nd prize-winner Gregorz Wach (Poland), the 3rd prize-winner Luc Vermeersch, and the 4th prize (prize for the best classified competitor under 25 years old)-winner Shahin Kalantary's (Iran) works.
The next 5 pages display the cartoons by the following cartoonists:
Richard Demot (Belgium)
ARES (Cuba)
2 cartoons by Cai You (China)
Maghfouriyaun Mohammed (Iran)
Yuriy Kosobukin (Ukraine)
Patrick Heymans (Belgium)
Jean Van Spittael (Belgium)
Erdogan Basol (Turkey)
Luc Vermeersch (Belgium)
2 cartoons by Huey Nguyenhuu (U.S.A.)
Santiago Cornejo (Argentina) (Honorable Mention)
Fakhredin Dost Mohamad (Iran)
Akbar Pirjani (Iran) (Honorable Mention)
Wladimir Semerenko (Russia)
Sergey Smolyakov (Russia)
Dre Mathijs (Belgium) (Honorable Mention)
Mario De Koninck (Belgium) (Honorable Mention)
Melita Miloradovic (Serbia)
Erdian Hoda (Uzbekistan)
Richard Demot (Belgium)
Radik Azizov (Uzbekistan)
Amin Mohajeri (Iran)
Run Tang Li (China).
WEB: http://www.curieusdegeus.be/ .

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