Similarity: a new web page released by "syria cartoon" website

Syriacartoon website releases a new web page on similarity
Similarity.. a new web page released by "syria cartoon" website to be a new space for laughter and meditation: laughing of this very alike reality all over the world.. and meditating the human mentality that is capable of telepathy and communication..
Similarity.. some may consider it offending.. but it is not.. not of that sort aiming to defame others.. or discharging their works of cheap accusations.. yet it is just a documentation of facts happening every day openly not secretly worldwide.. the fact that "art" all over the world has a lot in common not only of notions but also of lines.. this is more obvious in the cartoon more than any other art ever.. since sarcasm is like music, it goes beyond all obstacles that human creates in his limited geographic perspective.. sarcasm goes beyond language and barbed wires.. it soars in one dimension that is humanity..
Similarity.. an open page for you all.. you can always participate in it if the sent caricatures are all precisely documented according to the name of the caricaturist, newspaper or the website that published these works and the date of publishing..
Similarity.. it is us.. it is nothing but our own resemblence..
WEB: http://www.syriacartoon.com/
See recent similarities on http://www.syriacartoon.com/resemblance/resemblance.html

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