3rd International Graphic Humor Biennial - Jose L. Martin Mena "MENA"

3rd International Graphic Humor Biennial - JOSE L. MARTIN MENA "MENA"
The Municipality of Toboso announces this international cartoon contest in accordance with the following rules:
1. They will be able to compete all the professional graphical humorists of any Country.
2. Only one entry will be admitted by participant, which should not being presented/displayed at another contest.
3. Theme is related to "Dulcinea" female character of the literary work "Don Quixote" written by Miguel de Cervantes.
4. The works, will have original and to be made in any pictorial technique, will have a format unique of 30x40 cms., without frame and included/understood their possible "passe partout". Digital photocopies, copies, engravings, nor photographies of the drawings will not be admitted.
5. The established prizes are:
1st Prize: 1.000 Euro
Honorable Mention
6. The deadline for submissions is 13 of June of 2009, 14 hours. Outside this term work will not be admitted some.
7. The works will appear, pointing out the name of the author, thus like the rest of personal data, such as: direction, telephone, photograph, email and brief resume.
8. The works will be sent to:
City council of Toboso,
Museum of Graphical Humor Dulcinea,
C. Dona Tolosa, 2,
45820 Toboso (Toledo) Spain
9. The decision of the jury, who will be unquestionable, will become public the 20 of June, 2009. This it will be made up of a member of the Municipal Commission of Culture, the professional Director of the Museum of Humor and outstanding.
10. The selected works will be exposed from the June 21 until September 1, 2009 in the dependencies that the City council decides the Toboso.
11. The awarded works will be in property of the City council of the Toboso. The authors of the same ones commit themselves to yield to he himself the rights of operation of the work in their modality of reproduction, public communication and distribution.
12. The awarded works will not be given back to their authors, whenever in the shipment it is pointed out specifically, although are excluded the works that do not adjust to the bases.
13. The delivery of prizes will be programmed by The Municipality of Toboso and it will take place in act witnessed by notary public.
14. The fact to compete supposes the total acceptance of these rules.
El Toboso, February 3, 2009
The Mayor,
Marciano Signed .- Ortega Molina
WEB: http://www.eltoboso.es/turismo/index.jsp?idioma=en
Source: ECC

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