Colombian cartoonist Freddy Pibaque still not received his prize WPC Sintra 2007

Colombian cartoonist Freddy Pibaque still not received his prize WPC Sintra 2007
From: Nacaro Caricaturas nacaro5@gmail.com
Date: 08 Kasım 2008 Cumartesi 18:40

Dear Colleague Editor of the humor web page:
Please, publish this article in your home page.
Thank you for your solidarity.
Freddy Pibaque (Nacaro).

In 2007 I participated in WORLD PRESS CARTOON contest and I won second prize in the Caricature section. But untill today (end of October 2008) I have not received my montary prize, nor the cartoon catalogue, neither the trophy they promise to the winners. Since April 2007 I sent messages to the director of wpc, Mr. Antonio Antunez, asking him to pay me my money, and nothing. When I denounced it by e-mail to colleagues (including you) Mr AA replied that it had paid. After he used a lawyer to amendrate: wpc's lawyer sent me a message threatening a criminal trial if I continued with my denunce of non-payment. (I attach you copy of the message). In addition, on this message says the lawyer: "The prize money can be withdrawn at the direction of .... wpc in Portugal."
With that message is verified that Mr. Antunez says one thing by e-mail to participants and says a different thing for me using his lawyer. It is also proved that wpc has not paid the prize, but AA says yes by e-mail.
But the case is even worse: nowhere in the regulation said that the winners should make a trip to Portugal to collect their prize. No contest in the world makes this absurd condition. Wpc does not respect its own rules.
It is all right that a organizer of cartoon contest threatens to a winner cartoonist?
Thank you for your attention.
Freddy Pibaqué.
PS: Please read the attached message sent by the lawyer of the wpc, also the winner cartoon who never received the prize and a cartoon about wpc.

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