2nd "Molla Nasreddin, Azerbaijan-2009" International Cartoon Contest

This contest is devoted to the 103rd anniversary of the first satiric and cartoon magazine in the East and in all Moslem countries - “Molla Nasreddin”, the first issue of which was published in April 7, 1906. This weekly magazine, which was in Azerbaijani language, had been published till 1932. Under the influence of this magazine the interest for cartoon genre has been increased in Azerbaijan and in many neighboring countries, and this genre has developed and become very popular among people. We are going to hold a cartoon contest on the 7th of April every year in commemoration of this historical day.
2nd "Molla Nasreddin, Azerbaijan-2009" International Cartoon Contest
1.The Contest is open to all professional and amateur cartoonists.
2. Subject: “Oil” (Importance of oil in the world).
3.Cartoons that won places in other contests can not be sent.
4. Each cartoonist can submit a max of 2 works.
5. Size of cartoons should be min A4, max A3.
6. Deadline is March 01, 2009.
7. Cartoons can be sent by e-mail.
8. On the back of each work the following information should appear:
First name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail, accompanied by the entry form and author’s short biography and photo. Otherwise, cartoons will not be accepted.
9. Cartoonists, whose works enter the book-catalogue, will be sent the one as a present.
10. The Cartoons will be selected by the International Jury.
11. Click and download the entry-form
I Place (3 persons) Golden Medal + diploma + catalogue
II Place (4 persons) Silver Medal + diploma + catalogue
III Place (5 persons) Bronze Medal + diploma + catalogue
Special awards (10 persons) + diploma + catalogue

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