Rahim Asghari goodbyed Tabriz Cartoons

Rahim Asghari goodbyed Tabriz Cartoons
Rahim Asghari who was the head of Tabriz Cartoon Association, the manager of TabrizCartoons.com, FECO Iran President, founder of Tabriz Cartoon Museum, editor-in-chief of Caricareh cartoon magazine, goodbyed Tabriz Cartoon Association.
He writes in his website:
Today I left all my responsibilities behind; FECO Iran, Tabriz Cartoon Association, TabrizCartoons.com, Tabriz Cartoon Museum, Caricareh cartoon magazine. After me, Neda Tanhayi will be the head of Tabriz Cartoon Association and Naeimeh Nikooray, FECO Iran President.
I've told all friends of mine before that I would goodbye Tabriz Cartoon Association and they knew about it. Now, I hope to pay more attentions to my speeches, have more free time for my books and thoughts, spend more time with Rose, my daughter, care about my art school, Arsoy, and try to be known as an artist, not a manager.
Draw more cartoons, pay a lot of attention to the quality of my cartoons, do not drink tea in hurry, escape offenses of others, watch people from our balcony, read my favorite books over and over, earn more money and have time to spend with my God.
Rahim - Iran
It is worth mentioning that after Rahim's goodbye to Tabriz Cartoon Association, Farhad H. Eftekhar also quited his position as the webmaster and designer of TabrizCartoons.com. So a new webmaster will take place in few days.

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