"Masters of Caricature" 2007

International Biennial for Caricature - "Masters of Caricature" 2007
Subject: Ritual Celebratory Foods (a perspective of folk culture)
1. The Biennial for Caricature is open to professional and amateur caricaturists from all over the world.
2. Each participant should send at least one piece of work 210/297 (A4 format)
3. The caricatures may be in color or black and white.
4. Participants should send their caricatures by July 31, 2007
5. It is recommended that in addition to their caricatures, participants also send a photograph and CV.
6. An international jury will nominate 5 caricatures who will be conferred the title "Master of Caricature".
7. Prize-winning caricatures are not returned.
8. The rest of the caricatures will be sent back if artists state their desire in written form.
9. The catalogue of the exhibition will be given, free-of-charge to winners and those included in the catalogue.
Submission deadline: July 31, 2007 (post mark date)
Address for submissions: Regional Ethnographic Museum, 2, Dr. Chomakov St. 4000, Plovdiv - BULGARIA
(Source: http://www.tabrizcartoons.com)

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