The Valencian Journalists Union (Unio de Periodistes Valencians - UPV) organizes the 2nd EXHIBITION OF GRAPHIC HUMOR in collaboration with FECO-Spain and with the sponsorship of Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo (CAM). The aim of this exhibition is to emphasize how important graphic humour is to freedom of expression. Graphic humour is a journalistic genre highly charged with denunciation and civic compromise, which contributes to the reflection and to the action, waking up consciences with a smile against the depredation of the Earth.
1. Theme: THE EARTH IN DANGER. A health world is possible.
We can't continue with the gas emanation which is destroying the ozone cape, the urbanite depredation, the contamination of the water, the sea temperature increase, the billions of refuses, the unlimited water waste, the indiscriminate burning forests and the reduction of the species and flora.
2. The concourse is open for professionals and amateurs.
3. Deadline is the 15th of September 2007.
4. A Jury of qualified experts will make a selection of the works which have been submitted.
5. The selected drawings will be exhibited at the "La Llotgeta Exhibition Hall" of the CAM in Valencia, between 6th till 29th November 2007. The exhibition will be continued by travelling to different cities.
6. The size limits of the drawing are minimum A4 (210mm X 297mm) to maximum A3 (297mm X 420mm)
7. Maximum number of entries is 3 works, black & white or coloured, without text. Any kind of style and any kind of technique will be accepted.
8. Every drawing must be signed with the following information on the back side of the cartoon: name, address, phone & fax, e-mail, and title.
9. The Drawing must be original. Digital Drawing will be accepted with the signature by the authors, but not copies of them.
10. Once the exhibition has finished the drawings will be returned to their authors, but not the digital version.
11. Catalogue: A catalogue will be edited with all the cartoons that have been selected. Each author will receive one copy of this catalogue.
12. Send to Address: FECO-Espana, Cooperativa San Fernando, 7-8a. 46007 Valencia, Spain
13. It will be indispensable to add the inscription to the drawings and a short curriculum vitae.
14. The organizers assume no responsibility for damage or loss of any entry for reasons beyond our control.
15. The drawing can be given free for the organization of the Exhibition to be part of an International Documental Found of Graphic Humour, which will be started by this 2nd Exhibition by the Valencian Journalists Union and FECO-Spain. The authors, who wish to be part of this Found, must express their authorization in the inscription. The Found's Objective is the organization of a touring exhibition, the publication of catalogues and the foundation of an international documental archive about the graphic humour where the author rights and intellectual property will be respected.
16. Accepting these rules means the cession of the author rights to the organization, only for the advertising of the exhibition, the edition of the catalogues and for the travelling exhibition. Reproducing the selected works will have no cost for the organization, since the catalogues and the travelling exhibition won't have any lucrative purpose.
E-mail: fecospain@yahoo.es
Entry form: http://www.ecc-kruishoutem.be/graphics_algemeen/valencia.pdf

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