The 30th International Cartoon Humour Competition on the Topic of Beer, Golden Keg 2024

and the editors of Bumerang magazine
30th International Cartoon Humour Competition
on the Topic of BEER
On Monday, 1st April 2024, an exhibition of the best competing works, a festive announcement of the results and the handing of prizes to the most successful authors of the 30th competition in accordance with the Jury´s decision will take place as follows:
GRAND PRIZE (Grand Prix) Golden Keg and € 500
1st Prize Small GOLDEN KEG and € 200
2nd Prize Small GOLDEN KEG and € 150
3rd Prize Small Golden KEG and € 100.
• The Jury of the competition reserves the right not to award some of the prizes, to modify the amounts of the financial rewards and/or to award more prizes and/or honorary mentions. 
• The organisers will accept for the competition all works that will be delivered at the address of the Regional gallery in Prešov by Friday 23rd February 2024
• The organisers of the competition reserve the right to publish selected works in promotional materials and to reinstall the exhibition.  
• The diploma and the exhibition catalogue will be received in print by every awarded author and in the electronic form by every participating author who also provides his or her e-mail address. Main prizes and financial rewards can be received by an awarded author only in person on 1st April or through a person authorised by him/her. 
Competition rules: 
1. Each author can send at maximum five original works, including graphic techniques. 
2. The competition is open to anybody and everybody, and it is not restricted in terms of artistic design methods. 
3. The formats of the works should not exceed the A4 dimensions. 
4. The competition is non-anonymous. Each work should be signed on the reverse and bear the author´s
full address. 
5. The rewarded works will become property of the BEER GALLERY in Prešov. 
6. The deadline for the competition is Friday, February 23, 2024.
7. Send your works at the address: 
Krajská galéria v Prešove 
(Mr. Fedor VICO) 
ul. Hlavná 51, 
080 01 Prešov 
Please clearly mark the envelope with the word „PIVO“. 

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